Dr. Stotler-Turner is a Clinical Psychologist licensed in Oregon and California, and she is also SOTB certified in Oregon. She graduated from Pacific University in 2011, where she studied clinical psychology with a forensic emphasis. She completed her pre-doctoral internship with the Department of State Hospitals – Vacaville, and finished the remainder of her required residency hours in a similar setting within the Department of State Hospitals. Dr. Stotler-Turner has spent much of her career working with correctional patients in inpatient hospital settings, where she has conducted psychodiagnostic evaluations, psychopathy evaluations, malingering assessments, and violence risk assessments. She has also worked as a forensic evaluator at Department of State Hospitals – Napa, where she was primarily assigned to the pre-trial team. She has maintained a private forensic practice since 2016 and is on the Expert Witness Panel in several counties throughout Northern California. Currently much of her work focuses on conducting sexual and nonsexual violence risk assessments.

In addition to working with inpatient and custodial populations, Dr. Stotler-Turner has worked extensively in the community with individuals convicted of sexual offenses. Pre-doctoral practicum training included placement in the Oregon Department of Corrections and at Oregon State Hospital. From 2006-2010 she was an active member of the Oregon Board of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers and previously co-coordinated a Violence Risk Seminar for pre-doctoral students in an APA-accredited internship program. Prior research has focused on individuals who have committed sexual offenses, violence within institutions, and female inmates.

Full CV available upon request.